Cars vs Bicycles

Today it is impossible to imagine our life without such means of transportation as cars and bicycles that save our time and make our life easier. Both cars and bicycles are rather convenient means of transportation which are used by millions of people throughout the world. Cars and bicycles have very much in common, but at the same time there are a lot of differences between them. The major goal of this essay is to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between cars and bicycles paying special attention to their construction, technical characteristics and price.

The first difference between cars and bicycles is related to their construction. Both cars and bicycles are the means of transportation that have wheels, tires and brakes. However, the construction of cars is more complex than the one of bicycles. For example, cars have four wheels and four tires, while bicycles, as a rule, have only two wheels and two tires. Like cars, bicycles cannot fly or float on the water. They cannot be compared with a helicopter or a plane, a ship or a boat. Both cars and bicycles, as land transport vehicles, need a road or a driveway. However, bicycles can be used in heavy-going areas where it is difficult to drive a car in a proper way (Bicycles in China).  Both cars and bicycles are used to get from one place to the other place by road, but cars can cover longer distances than bicycles. Moreover, cars have a petrol tank because cars won’t move without petrol, while bicycles do not require any fuel and do not have a petrol tank in their construction. Moreover, both cars and bicycles are very popular ways of travelling. It is known that a great number of people prefer to travel by car and by bicycle. However, if the weather is rainy, it is better to travel by car than by bicycle. Travelling by bicycle can create many problems with health in rainy and cold weather. The construction of cars gives an opportunity to shelter oneself in the car and get warm in the passenger compartment. It is possible to switch on heating in the car, while the construction of bicycles does not give such an opportunity.

The second difference between cars and bicycles is focused on their technical characteristics.  It is known that both cars and bicycles require a parking place. However, sometimes it is difficult to find a parking place for the car, especially in a large city, while bicycles can be locked up easily anywhere. Besides, technical characteristics of bicycles do not allow the whole family to go travelling. In this case, each member of the family needs his own bicycle. However, cars can carry not only all members of the family, but also their baggage, suitcases, bags and what not! Although cars are rather capacious and convenient, riding a bicycle is more beneficial for both the community members and the bicyclist himself. The technical characteristics of a bicycle prove the fact that this type of vehicle does not pollute the environment. Moreover, riding a bicycle is better for health because those individuals who ride a bicycle have an intense cardiac work and muscle work, while driving a car can create some health problems for the driver, such as backache, headache, high blood pressure and other ones. Besides, a recently conducted research on health issues proves the fact that “dirty cars can contribute to increased health problems in warm seasons” (Dirty Cars Promote Health Problems). It means that cars require regular cleanings in order to kill different bacteria and to avoid health hazards.

The third difference between cars and bicycles is focused on the difference in prices. It is not a secret that cars are more expensive than bicycles. Sometimes, people cannot allow themselves to buy a car as they have no enough money, while bicycles are rather affordable.  However, if a person has a prestigious car, he is known as a prosperous person who has a well-paid job and a high social status. It means that a prestigious car is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in our society. Having a bicycle is less prestigious. However, due to the affordable prices, bicycles are very popular among young people. In China, the kingdom of bicycles, every second citizen rides a bicycle. According to the statistics, China had 500 million bicycles by 1987. Today the number of bicyclists is constantly increasing (Bicycles in China). Besides, high petrol prices make bicycles the better alternative.

To sum up, both cars and bicycles are used to make our lives easier. However, today it is more expensive to have a car which requires regular repairing than to have a bicycle. Moreover, driving a car causes serious damage to the environment, while riding a bicycle is absolutely safety for the environment. Cars and bicycles are different in their construction, technical characteristics and prices, but both of them serve people making their life better.


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